London's Burning

by Kojaque

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KOJAQUE for prime minister.


Keep stern your furled brow,
Button up that bold lip,
Cus if you don't know by now
From summer-winter 1 6,
There's one winner, born sinner,
See it different? Shoot quick,
Cus if these words hurt
I brought worse than stones and sticks.

Told my Uber driver
Take a lap around the city,
In the backseat,
crack the sunroof
Spittin lyrics out the taxi
Victory lap, spark the torch,
You can smell the leaves burning in this hickery batch.

My girls complaining says my dickery's the only reason
that this union didn't collapse,
Says I'm ignorant the minute I get spliff in synapse,
I sip the liquor and laugh
Through the Motorolla back to the cabby like,
"What the fuck does she know?"

Catch me if you're clever,
I'm that creep around the deepend
Rippin roaches outta cards for contacts I should be keepin.
It's blissful in this bubble, hardly big enough for me in
Peace of mind is what I'm after but my burners always beepin
London's fuckin burning light my rollie off the flames
Cus if this city turns to ashes they'll need someone for to lead um
I'm busy plantin seeds
While they're keepin busy sleepin,
They be sellin you a dream,
I'm busy sellin you my semen,


released July 26, 2016
Produced by Nxstalgic




Kojaque Dublin, Ireland

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